Our Curriculum Intent  

At St Edward’s, we are relentless in our drive to equip our children with the knowledge and skills needed to be safe, successful and make a difference in our diverse and ever changing world. We have developed and provide a coherent, sequential and ambitious curriculum, from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to Key Stage Two, that maximises learning opportunities for each and every child.   

Our discrete subject teaching and learning in key stage one and two covers the National Curriculum Programmes of Study. Subject leaders work closely with the EYFS Lead to ensure that the EYFS Curriculum provides a precise and purposeful continuous learning journey, as a pre-curser to all that follows.     

Our Key Stage Curriculum Overviews are underpinned by detailed schemes of work developed by highly skilled and proficient subject leaders. These provide explicit instruction and expectations so that children know more and can do more with their learning. Unit components identify core knowledge that children are expected to secure and apply and additional ambitious detail that has been specifically chosen as a pre-requisite and to be built upon within future learning. High quality reading, ambitious vocabulary and language opportunities are explicit within our schemes, valuing their crucial relevance to all subjects and lifelong learning and success. We want children to enjoy reading and to understand that reading is also a necessary skill that will be useful throughout their daily lives forever.  

At St Edward’s, we believe that ‘practice makes permanent’ and that ‘every minute counts’. All children are included and challenged through intentional adaptations selected and applied as appropriate. Opportunities to secure, revisit, retrieve and use knowledge are embedded within and across all schemes of work and through embedded pre and post teaches and ‘Personal Opportunities to Progress’ (POP’s) routines.  

Our ‘Wider Curriculum’ is threaded throughout our schemes and contributes to the ‘totality’ of our curriculum offer at St Edward’s. Meaningful Local, National and Global links develop the children’s understanding of their world, and their place and responsibilities within it, as they grow and learn. Spiritual pathways are also intrinsically woven throughout schemes, ensuring that all children have opportunities to develop spiritually, as part of daily life. Using our forest, gardens and outdoor spaces, to teach and learn also contributes to positive health, enjoyment and achievement for all. 

Our educational visits and experiences are purposely chosen, providing enhanced learning in all subject areas during children’s learning journeys. Pupil voice has been a driver for our extensive offer of wide and varied extra curricula clubs, enabling children to experience, practice and develop talents and interests. Children’s Personal Development Passport (PDP’’s) are also linked to curriculum coverage and additional opportunities to develop independence and experiences to support their holistic development as they grow and flourish at St Edward’s. 

Whole School Curriculum Year A

Whole School Curriculum Year B

Educational Visits and Experiences