Lichfield Diocesan Board of Education

Our school works in close partnership with the Lichfield Diocesan Board of Education to continue to grow, evolve and improve as an academy.  The LDBE’s involvement in education goes back to the beginnings of the Christian story in the Midlands (Mercia), when St Chad settled here to bring the good news to the people of his time. He set up a monastic community; and it is from monasteries that the first schools in our country grew.  The work of the LDBE is wholly focused on supporting teachers, governors, churches and communities as they deliver a high quality Christian education to students and their families. (Bishop Michael)   

Our Christian Distinctiveness Advisor is  Louise Harrop.  

At St. Edward’s Academy Cheddleton, we are passionate about Growing Faith within our school and village community (including its churches).  We know that our children are the adults of the future and by doing this we are instilling a sense of belonging and the message that community spirit has the church at its heart. 


Our Local Church – Cheddleton St. Edward the Confessor

Cheddleton St. Edward the Confessor  – ‘Sharing the love of God with everyone’

Our school has developed close links with the local church – Cheddleton St. Edward the Confessor.

The church is a Grade II* listed building and dates back to the 13th century. It is particularly noted for its fine stained glass windows by William Morris and Edward Burne Jones.  

our church



Child Led Services




The children plan and deliver services at the church, including during the Sunday service for Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas, Easter, during the Leaver’s Service in July and at other times during the year. We also visit the church on other occasions. E.g. When we learn about prayer, marriage or baptism in RE; When we learn about William Morris in Art; When we learn about the history of Cheddleton and When we learn about WW2.


Church members also have a key role to play within school as representatives on our Christian Council, Local Academy Council and within lessons and worship.  

St. Edward’s Academy Cheddleton Chaplain


Our school Chaplain, Mrs Pam Kinshott, has a central role in supporting the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of children and staff.  In particular her role as school chaplain is to:

  • Offer opportunities to worship and to explore the Christian faith 
  • Find ways to encourage creativity, curiosity and ‘poetic imagination’ identifying what’s meaningful and spiritually rewarding in our lives  
  • Support those in established faith journeys to grow and develop their spiritual life
  • Offer prayer and spiritual guidance to groups and individuals
  • Support the school as a place where staff and students feel cared for and safe
  • Build a bridge between the school and church, and between the school and the wider community, including other denominations and faith communities


St. Andrew’s Methodist Church

Our children also visit St. Andrew’s Methodist church on a regular basis for Hope Journey Events (Christmas and Easter) and  to sing to the Moorland’s Home Link group and friendship group. On our Christian Council we also have representatives from the Methodist circuit. Namely, Reverend Eleanor Smith who supports our school through Christian Art Clubs and by leading worship in school.  Other members also delivers Godly Play sessions to our children from our youngest to our oldest. 

We are proud to be a part of SUA Trust

Join the Trust

SUAT supports and leads in the set-up of new academies joining the partnership. The services provided by the central support function cover both educational and non-educational support. In terms of educational support, SUAT is linked to the School of Education of Staffordshire University, which is an outstanding ITT provider.