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14th September 2020

My Ref: JP / TK 016 Date: 11 September 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian
As you will be aware, schools have been working very hard to put in measures to ensure children and young people can learn in a safe environment. The way school staff, children and young people have adapted to these new rules in school has been nothing short of inspiring.
To help keep everyone safe it is important we all continue to follow the guidance at home and at school.
For school it is particularly important that:
• Parents remember social distancing and do not congregate at school gates at drop off and pick up times.
• If you or your children are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms (new persistent cough, temperature and loss of taste and smell) please do not attend school. Instead, stay home and book a test.
• If you have tested positive for the virus your children should not attend school for 14 days of you showing symptoms.
• If your child has been sent home from their class bubble and told to isolate, your child must stay at home and not go out, whether they are experiencing symptoms or not. They must also stay home regardless of whether they have had a negative test. The rest of the family does not need to isolate unless your child develops symptoms.
The last point is really important, if your child has been sent home, it is because there are concerns they may have been in contact with someone who has tested
positive for Covid-19. Please do everything you can to ensure your child stays at home for 14 days. If they do show symptoms you should book a test for them.
The earlier children and young people stay off school with symptoms, the fewer other children and staff will need to isolate as a precaution. This way we can reduce any potential disruption to other children and staff and keep schools open.
It is in everyone’s interest to stop Covid-19 in its tracks. By working together and
following the guidance, we can ensure we keep our children, teachers and other
school staff safe.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Price Dr Richard Harling
Cabinet Member for Education (and SEND) Director of Hea