On Tuesday this week ECO Council met to discuss and decide what the best plan/ design for our Orchard would be (plans/ drawings for an Orchard design were completed by each class in the school).
ECO Council used cones and string measured at 2.5 metres long to accurately plot where each tree would be placed. We discussed why each tree needed space ( 2.5 metres) apart from each other.
Today the whole school were actively involved in planting all 25 fruit trees. These include Apple, Pear, Plum and Hazel.
This afternoon ECO Council met Cllr Joe Porter who helped ECO Council plant the remaining 4 trees. Cllr Joe Porter discussed with the children why tree guards and stakes are used for the trees and the best ways to protect our trees.
Cllr Joe Porter also commented how passionate the ECO Council were for the outdoors environment and the knowledge they showed was fantastic. Well done ECO Council. Thank you to Cllr Joe Porter for offering to come and help us today.
And finally on behalf of the ECO Council a huge THANK YOU to Mr Cooke for preparing all the holes for the trees to be placed into and thank you to the whole school for their efforts with planting all the trees.

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