Good morning all,
I hope you haven’t got too wet on your way to school/work this morning 🌧

I am messaging to ask for your support in ensuring that our end of day dismissal is as safe as it can be.

As long as they are supervised well, I am happy for younger siblings to play on the Key Stage One Yard before The Bats, Squirrels, Foxes and Spiders come out. At this point all children must be at their parents/carers side and must not continue to play or approach children in their class lines.

As we are now in the autumn/winter seasons, I ask that all parents/carers wait under the shelter where the drums are and staff will dismiss from the shelter near to Brambles.

It is important that you do not shout or beckon children to you and that they wait in line for their teacher to give them permission to leave. I’m sure you understand the responsibility staff have in ensuring that all children are dismissed to adults with permissions and, although this can take some time, it is imperative that they do not feel under pressure.

As always, staff will strive to be promptly out at dismissal times. If you do have any concerns regarding this, please message your child’s class teacher. If late dismissal is a regular occurrence, please message the senior teacher within the team and they will ensure that this improves. The senior teachers in each key stage are:
Key Stage 2 – Miss Gratton
Key Stage 1 – Mr Carter
EYFS – Miss Fowler-Hill

Thank you for your understanding and partnership working.

Mrs Machin