SEAC’s Equality Objectives and Actions 2023-2027 

St. Edward’s Academy Cheddleton (SEAC) is an inclusive school where all are welcome. We celebrate diversity and champion equality and expect everybody who enters our school to behave in a way which respects the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 outlined below. 

At St. Edward’s Academy Cheddleton, we believe that the Equality Act 2010 provides a framework to support our commitment as a church school to valuing all of God’s children. In particular we aim to do this by: 

  • respecting diversity. 
  • being courageous when tackling discrimination. 
  • promoting equality of opportunity by developing understanding and tolerance (wisdom). 
  • fostering compassionate and honest relationships between people who share protected characteristics and people who do not share it. 
  • Persevering in our effort to challenge and eliminate inequality, harassment, victimisation, and discrimination. 
  • Ensuring that Equality is a whole school responsibility. 







  • Equality Objectives and Actions 2023-2027 
    Objective 1 – Ensure that SEAC fully implements the Behaviour, Anti Bullying and Child on Child Abuse policies in order to reduce the need to address and report any discriminatory incidents. 



    SUAT Schools 

    • We will annually monitor that all staff are trained to recognise and respond, in line with policy, any form of discrimination. 
    • We will regularly monitor how pupils and staff feel regarding discrimination; this may be addressed via internal surveys. 
    • External and internal monitoring will be carried out annually to ensure that Objective 1 is achieved. 
    • SEAC’s LAC will regularly check that the relevant policies are upheld and any failure to do so is promptly addressed. 


    SEAC Specific Actions: 

    Ensure that the SEAC Policy Review cycle is routinely followed and that updates reflect and refine all up to date and relevant guidance.   

    Ensure Policy Review Procedures are adhered to in full, including communicating and explaining changes.  

    Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of behaviour and equality policies through observation, pupil voice and analysis of incidents. 

    Objective 2 – Ensure that the Curriculum and Pastoral Care, promotes diversity, challenges stereotypes and develops character education. 



    SUAT Schools 

    • We will ensure that we uphold and deliver the Trust ambition to Achieve Better Outcomes for All. 
    • We will monitor how we achieve Objective 2 above through the Curriculum provision and pastoral care. 
    • We will provide challenge and support through relevant CPD for staff and LAC members. 
    • We will work closely with the Lichfield Diocese Board of Education to ensure that our Church schools enable all pupils to flourish. 


    SEAC Specific Actions: 

    Identify opportunities to promote diversity, challenge stereotypes and raise the profile of protected characteristics as part of curriculum scheme refinements (and improve where appropriate).  


    Develop annual SEAC calendar for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, building teaching and learning opportunities into the curriculum, reflection time, worship (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Calendar 2023) 


    Make meaningful links with other schools with differing demographics  


    Introduce ‘Proud to be Me’ events 


    Further develop courageous advocacy through effective charity work at a local, National and Global level.  


    Objective 3 – Ensure that SEAC continually strives to deliver high quality teaching and learning with consistently high expectations and achievement for all pupils. 




    SUAT Schools 

    • We will provide appropriate support and challenge through internal and external monitoring. 
    • We will provide appropriate CPD and sharing of effective practice in order to improve outcomes for all SUAT pupils. 
    • We will work with other schools,  Trusts and Educational Consultants to inform school provision and practice. 
    • We will regularly carry out stakeholder surveys to check that the quality of teaching and learning is of the highest quality for all pupils. 
    • The LAC will regularly monitor pupil outcomes to ensure that standards are improving for all groups of pupils.  


    SEAC Specific Actions: 

    Raise the attainment of all pupils and close/ narrow gaps in educational achievement by monitoring data/ Quality First Teaching /Interventions for specific groups, including the lowest 20%. 

     Ensure early identification and access to a range of professional services. Refer to SEND Policy / information report.  


    Objective 4 – Ensure that SEAC staff and LAC who are involved in recruitment and selection, are fully trained regarding equal opportunities and non-discrimination, alongside safer recruitment. Training records kept by each school and at Trust level, will show that 100% of those attending relevant training have a good understanding of the legal requirements. 



    SUAT Schools 

    • We will ensure that all staff are trained in line with statutory policy and practice. 
    • We will carry out internal checks to ensure that statutory policy is followed and upheld. 
    • We will survey stakeholders to ensure that statutory policy has been upheld. 
    • We will explore external validation that SEAC practice is exemplary.  


    SEAC Specific Actions: 

    Further refine the induction process to ensure appropriate emphasis on equality policies and procedures at SEAC.  



For more information please refer to:

SEAC’s Equality Policy 2022-2027

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