ECO Council have aims to enable us to flourish as a church school.

The ECO Council aims to

  • Ensure that the school’s Christian vision and values are reflected within the life of the school.
  • Provide opportunities for children, staff and LAC members to have an active role in the ECO council and how to actively encourage the school and community to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Keep up to date with current affairs relating to being environmentally sustainable.
  • Have a clear understanding of ECO and its meaning which is ‘ECO – Something that is environmentally friendly or sustainable’
  • Be effective in leading academy actions for climate change (new initiative each year).
  • Encourage each member to be an active leader of change for Local, National and Global work (planning/ organising and leading charity events for the whole school/ community).

Priorities for 2023-2024:

  • To continue to maintain and monitor the Community Orchard
  • To be effective in leading academy actions for climate change
  • Local, national and global charity work is intentional and supportive of global goals for sustainable development
  • To be responsible for Global goals, sustainable development will be pivotal to the leadership work of all councils
  • To monitor recycling bins in school and emptying paper/ plastic recycling bins across the school site.
  • To launch ‘Recycling Week’ and have an impact on identifying courageous advocates across our school/ community


What we have achieved so far:

ECO Council led ‘Recycling Week’ where the whole school joined together using resources from ‘WRAP’ (Waste and Resources action programme) and Staffordshire County Council to help promote the week.

ECO Council were set the task to invite children to help design a ‘Reducing Emissions’ poster with the winning posters proudly displayed around the school site.

PTFA have purchased litter pickers and gloves for ECO Council members to help maintain a clean site around school.

Earth Day was a huge success where ECO Council were fantastic representatives for our school. Children, parents and members of the local community came to visit the event.

ECO Council have spent time monitoring traffic outside our school site and continue to help care for our school garden.

ECO involved Brambles to help use and upcycle unwanted material. Mrs Waddell came up with the idea to make dog toys out of spare material. These were donated to ‘City Dogs home’ and a thank you letter was received.

ECO Council helped plan, prepare and plant a community orchard. ECO Council held an official Opening of the Community Orchard which was dedicated to Keith Hollins. The ECO Council will monitor and care for the orchard.

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