Our staff are dedicated  to providing a broad and stimulating curriculum through which every child has the opportunities and support to develop a strong foundation to start their learning journey.

The Foundation Stage curriculum is designed to provide all children with a well planned and resourced curriculum to take your child’s learning forward and to provide opportunities for all to succeed in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

It is used to ensure that continuity and progression are promoted for your child right the way through to the end of reception class. The curriculum content is mainly skill based with new activities and ideas introduced through a thematic approach.

The curriculum following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) developmental matters and principles  is split into 7 areas of learning (3 Prime Areas and 4 Specific Areas).

We are passionate that the children learn about their world at a local, national and global level and the impact they can have on their present and their future. We give them the confidence to flourish as active learners, providing first hand experiences through play, discussion and collaboration. We plan purposeful and progressive learning activities for indoors and outdoors and also acknowledge and promote the potential for learning through unplanned events that arise.  



  • Is knowledge based with teaching and learning through a thematic approach to the seven areas of learning
  • Fosters a love of reading through exploring high quality texts
  • Has an emphasis on focused language and vocabulary acquisition
  • Focuses on early phonic knowledge acquisition through the Essential Letters and Sounds Phonic Scheme (DfE validated)
  • Provides a strong foundation for early maths (linked to whole school mental maths and National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics NCETM)
  • Is progressive and includes purposeful transition links with the National Curriculum
  • Values learning opportunities outside in the forest area, garden and EYFS outdoor areas
  • Encompasses our academy values and our vision for high quality early learning
  • Promotes learning opportunities through children’s individual interests 
  • Provides opportunities to practise, consolidate and recall learning
  • Equips children to recognise and make connections with prior and new learning
  • Enriched through additional after school clubs available to children in reception

EYFS Curriculum Overview Year A

EYFS Curriculum Overview Year B